Oil and Marble



Happy Paperback Day!

Today is paperback day -- the day when Oil and Marble is officially out in paperback. Although my debut has been out for over 2 YEARS, this all still feels new to me, and holding my paperback for the first... Continue Reading →


Writing Historical Fiction: Choose Better Details

(I teach writing classes all across the country. Check my Events page for upcoming classes) The question came as we were wrapping up the discussion about my novel, Oil and Marble: "How do you find and choose specific details in your... Continue Reading →

Scratching Out a Little Girl’s Dream

Today, the Slovakian translation of my novel arrived. That's two translations so far (the first was Spanish), and my publisher says there are more on the way. Oh, if I could've shown myself this picture when I was seven... or... Continue Reading →

When I dreamed of being a novelist, this is not what I pictured…

This is a photo of everything my husband and I own (except for a few clothes that we can fit in a couple of suitcases in our car). When I sold my debut novel Oil and Marble: a Novel of Leonardo... Continue Reading →

10 Artists Plagued by Self-Doubt: Lessons from the National Gallery of Art

It's so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas. -- Paul Cezanne I've never had writer's block, but ever since my debut novel Oil and Marble: A Novel of Leonardo and Michelangelo has come out (and... Continue Reading →

Why Every Artist Should Study Acting

Yesterday, I signed books at my acting studio in North Hollywood, Actors Workout Studio, during the regular Sunday Writing Workshop. It was a great morning, workshopping some fantastic scripts and getting to sign my novel to my fellow actors and friends --... Continue Reading →

Lesson FROM Students

One of my favorite parts of this publishing process has been speaking at middle and high schools during my book tour. I adore seeing the kids' eyes light up -- the cliche is true; their eyes literally glisten with excitement -- when... Continue Reading →

Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday when voters in 13 states and American Samoa will go to the polls for Democratic and Republican primaries and caucuses. The major party candidates may be solidified today. It is also publication day for my debut novel, Oil and... Continue Reading →

First Book Club Event

On Monday night, I spoke publicly about my novel for the first time when Chapters -- a book club in Hot Springs, Arkansas -- invited me to preview my novel. Oil and Marble doesn't technically go public until March 1st --... Continue Reading →

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