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Writing Historical Fiction: Choose Better Details

(I teach writing classes all across the country. Check my Events page for upcoming classes) The question came as we were wrapping up the discussion about my novel, Oil and Marble: "How do you find and choose specific details in your... Continue Reading →


10 Ways Travel Makes You a Better Writer

I love to travel. When I was a kid, my parents drove us from coast to coast in a motorhome. When I was eighteen, I went to Europe with a traveling choir. I've studied art in Italy, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, and just... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Writing Lessons from a TV Producer

The other night, I went out with a group of fellow television producers (I've been a TV producer for fifteen years). As always, we shared stories about shows, executives, production disasters, talent (actors/writers/directors celebrities) and potential gigs. Per usual, we had... Continue Reading →

A Book You Want To Read versus A Book You Want To Write

I often hear people say, "Write the book you want to read. If no one has written it yet, it's up to you!" There is one true thing about this advice: you should NEVER write a book you do not want to... Continue Reading →

10 Ways Art Can Improve Your Writing

Writing and the visual arts may seem different, but at their hearts, they both tell stories… I have studied art my entire life: I took my first art class when I was in kindergarten (in Miss Jeannie's garage), have a... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Sh*# OR Actor’s Sh*#

The other day, at a class at Actors Creative Workshop, casting director Lisa Pantone told a roomful of actors: "The script isn't about YOUR shi*#. It's about the writer's sh*#." The writer in me cheered and wanted to stand up and raise a... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice from the Rabbit Hole

I am deep into writing my next book (first draft done, which, for me, means I can really find my characters and story) and this is how I feel: I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. It’s just like Alice’s rabbit hole... Continue Reading →

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