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Raphael Edits Done

Yesterday, I shipped off my final edits to my editor at my publishing house for my newest novel, Raphael, Painter in Rome (due out from Arcade in April 2020). Today, I've been in the strangest mood, and I couldn't figure... Continue Reading →


First Draft Done. Now What?

I'm a novelist, so I know the feeling: You conquered your fear and started your novel. You wrote for months or maybe years.  You survived the long desert known as "the middle." You wrote your favorite parts; the parts that... Continue Reading →

A Change of Pace

For nearly fifteen years, I have worked in the fast-paced world of television production. Emails are answered within five minutes—because the problem should have been solved three hours ago. Crucial decisions are made as the director counts down—five, four, three,... Continue Reading →

Before the book was a book…

Ever since my publishing deal was finalized, I’ve thought a lot about the journey to get here. I remember: Walking with my husband across the Piazza Carlo Goldoni in Florence, where I came up with the idea for the story... Continue Reading →

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