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Be an Unreasonable Artist

I just started reading Gaudi: a biography by Gijs Van Hensbergen and the opening quote is from George Bernard Shaw's Man and Superman: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Must See Art in Los Angeles

Since my bestselling novel, Oil and Marble: a novel of Leonardo and Michelangelo, is art historical fiction, a lot of fans ask: "What are your favorite pieces of art?" And since I've lived in Los Angeles for over 15 years, people... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to Visit the Phillips Collection

When you visit DC, your "to do" list is long: Capitol, White House, Supreme Court. The Vietnam, Jefferson, and Lincoln Memorials. The Washington Monument. Seventeen Smithsonian museums. Not to mention the zoo. The Phillips Collection might not make your initial list, but... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Care About Art

I'm an art-historical novelist, so obviously I care about art. But why should you -- with your busy days, stressful job, growing kids, dinners to make, dishes to wash, and plenty of binge-able TV to keep you entertained -- care? Because... Continue Reading →

12 Art Museums That Will Change the Way You See the World

On my most recent trip to Europe, I realized that a few art museums have profoundly affected the way I see the world. These museums showed me something new and unexpected; they shifted my perspective. And isn't that what we... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Thankful for Art

I know most people would publish this post ON Thanksgiving,  but I thought of it on Thanksgiving Day and had to let the idea roast a while... So I offer you this bit of gratefulness to distract you on Cyber... Continue Reading →

Today I feel like [insert famous piece of art here]

Twitter is weird. I've been on it for about 7 months, and I still don't know how I feel about it. HOWEVER, one thing has developed on Twitter that I love. In an attempt to express myself in 140 characters... Continue Reading →

Art For Labor Day

Need a little inspiration for your vacation this Labor Day? Here are my favorite "take some time off and relax" paintings paired with a few of my favorite quotes Happy Labor Day everyone! "Almost everything will work again if you... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Must See Art in Paris

Since my bestselling novel, Oil and Marble, is art historical fiction, a lot of fans ask about my favorite art… Are you going to Paris, but overwhelmed by the AMOUNT of art to see? Want to check out a few masterpieces,... Continue Reading →

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