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New Novel Coming April 2020

It's finally official. My new novel is Raphael, Painter in Rome It will be published (once again by Arcade) in April 2020 in time for the 500th anniversary of Raphael's death (he died on April 6, 1520). Raphael. Even if... Continue Reading →


See the Della Robbia Exhibit at the National Gallery

These days, media alerts and anger overwhelm our lives. We're all swimming in the constant noise of distrust, disunity and distaste. All sides seem to be constantly trying to "out ugly" the others. But I recently experienced a wave of beauty that seemed to wash it all... Continue Reading →

10 Ways Our World is Like the Renaissance

In honor of Michelangelo's birthday today -- March 6th (he would be 542), I've been thinking a lot about the differences between our world and his... but I've also been thinking about the strange, striking similarities between our two eras. It's... Continue Reading →

Shockingly True Things in Oil and Marble

Today, a new Leonardo da Vinci drawing was discovered in France (see featured image). To honor this very real discovery of very real history, here are 10 shockingly true stories from my historical novel, Oil and Marble: a novel of Leonardo and... Continue Reading →

Meeting Mona Lisa

A friend recently told me about his experience seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time. "I was expecting to have this quiet, intimate moment with this beautiful painting," he said. "Instead, it was a madhouse! Why didn't anyone warn me?... Continue Reading →

Renaissance Instagram

I just opened an Instagram account and posted my first picture (find me on Instagram @oilandmarble) It got me thinking: if there had been Instagram during the Renaissance (I went with circa 1512), how might it have looked?   RENAGRAM raphael1483... Continue Reading →

10 Hard Core Women of the Renaissance

Warriors and Queens. Geniuses and schemers.  Masters of swords and horses. They weren’t all saints (in fact some were downright evil), but they all fought their own battles. Beware Lara Croft and Katniss Everdeen. These real-life villains and heroines might just... Continue Reading →

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