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To Be a Cubist, You Have to Have Been Born in Malaga

One of our first stops in Spain was the Reina Sofia in Madrid to see Guernica. Seeing Pablo Picasso's anti-war masterpiece in person -- suitably from around a corner at first, a fractured view -- is arresting. The painting is immense, and... Continue Reading →


10 Reasons to Visit the Phillips Collection

When you visit DC, your "to do" list is long: Capitol, White House, Supreme Court. The Vietnam, Jefferson, and Lincoln Memorials. The Washington Monument. Seventeen Smithsonian museums. Not to mention the zoo. The Phillips Collection might not make your initial list, but... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Care About Art

I'm an art-historical novelist, so obviously I care about art. But why should you -- with your busy days, stressful job, growing kids, dinners to make, dishes to wash, and plenty of binge-able TV to keep you entertained -- care? Because... Continue Reading →

Today I feel like [insert famous piece of art here]

Twitter is weird. I've been on it for about 7 months, and I still don't know how I feel about it. HOWEVER, one thing has developed on Twitter that I love. In an attempt to express myself in 140 characters... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Stolen Works of Art (Life Lesson: Just because it’s missing doesn’t mean it’s gone)

My husband and I are cleaning out our condo -- getting rid of boxes and boxes of junk. (We did not read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up but still got the message: Only keep things that spark joy). As we've... Continue Reading →

High Art in Hollywood: the Norton Simon

I live and work in Los Angeles, a city known for sunshine, movie stars, blockbuster franchises, and reality TV. It's also a hectic city with nearly 20 million people battling it out on the freeways and Hollywood clamoring for attention... more... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Must See Art in Spain

(You've reached my OLD WEBSITE. For an updated version of this post, please go to: Since my novel, Oil and Marble, is art historical fiction and was recently translated into Spanish, a lot of fans ask what art MUST they... Continue Reading →

The Art of Minions!

This weekend, I saw the Minions movie -- one of the wildest, strangest, funniest rides of the summer. This prequel to Despicable Me was sold-out, and the adults were laughing as hard as the kids. I'm a definite fan of the Minions; in... Continue Reading →

Hometowns of Famous Artists

Here's a secret: If you visit an artist's birthplace, some of their creative genius will rub off on you... and if THAT doesn't work, then at least these picturesque hometowns are sure to inspire. Don’t look for Paris, New York, or Tokyo here—these... Continue Reading →

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