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Raphael Edits Done

Yesterday, I shipped off my final edits to my editor at my publishing house for my newest novel, Raphael, Painter in Rome (due out from Arcade in April 2020). Today, I've been in the strangest mood, and I couldn't figure... Continue Reading →


Updates and Arts Festival in Hot Springs This Weekend

For novel fans, there are a few exciting updates at the end of this post, but first... This weekend -- Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28 -- my husband, Mike Gandolfi, and I will be in downtown Hot Springs,... Continue Reading →

Read about the Paperback: Coming June 2018

Oil and Marble is coming to a paperback near you -- summer 2018! For months, people (especially students, schools, art museums, nonprofits, book clubs) have been asking: when is the paperback coming? My answer: I don't know. That's the publisher's... Continue Reading →

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Scratching Out a Little Girl’s Dream

Today, the Slovakian translation of my novel arrived. That's two translations so far (the first was Spanish), and my publisher says there are more on the way. Oh, if I could've shown myself this picture when I was seven... or... Continue Reading →

When I dreamed of being a novelist, this is not what I pictured…

This is a photo of everything my husband and I own (except for a few clothes that we can fit in a couple of suitcases in our car). When I sold my debut novel Oil and Marble: a Novel of Leonardo... Continue Reading →

First Book Club Event

On Monday night, I spoke publicly about my novel for the first time when Chapters -- a book club in Hot Springs, Arkansas -- invited me to preview my novel. Oil and Marble doesn't technically go public until March 1st --... Continue Reading →

Historical Fiction: History or Fiction?

I'm an art-historical novelist, so I'm very familiar with the on-going debate at the center of historical fiction: Is it the novelist's duty to serve the HISTORY or the FICTION? Readers expect to learn something from historical fiction  -- to be... Continue Reading →

Do Writers TRUST Actors?

Last night, after my regular Monday night acting class at the Actors Workout Studio, I stuck around for a few minutes to chat with a couple of actors and one of my acting coaches, Andrew Benne. I love Andrew -- he's an inspiring,... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice from the Rabbit Hole

I am deep into writing my next book (first draft done, which, for me, means I can really find my characters and story) and this is how I feel: I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. It’s just like Alice’s rabbit hole... Continue Reading →

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