Oil and Marble



Why You Should Care About Art

I'm an art-historical novelist, so obviously I care about art. But why should you -- with your busy days, stressful job, growing kids, dinners to make, dishes to wash, and plenty of binge-able TV to keep you entertained -- care? Because... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Art Museums in the South

Since my bestselling novel, Oil and Marble, is art historical fiction, a lot of fans ask about my favorite museums. I was born and raised in the South, and yet, I do not associate great art with the South. I picture... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Italian Renaissance Collections in US

As I've been out talking about my bestselling novel (Oil and Marble, art historical fiction about the real-life rivalry between Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo), many people have asked where they can see great Renaissance art without traveling to Italy. Well... Continue Reading →

12 Art Museums That Will Change the Way You See the World

On my most recent trip to Europe, I realized that a few art museums have profoundly affected the way I see the world. These museums showed me something new and unexpected; they shifted my perspective. And isn't that what we... Continue Reading →

10 Must-Visit Art Towns in the US

When it comes to art and culture, the big cities get all the buzz. New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit... How can little towns compete? But small town USA is brimming with culture to satisfy even the hungriest art buff. From museums and... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Must See Art in Paris

Since my bestselling novel, Oil and Marble, is art historical fiction, a lot of fans ask about my favorite art… Are you going to Paris, but overwhelmed by the AMOUNT of art to see? Want to check out a few masterpieces,... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Must See Art in Spain

Since my novel, Oil and Marble, is art historical fiction and was recently translated into Spanish, a lot of fans ask what art MUST they see when traveling to Madrid, Barcelona and everywhere inbetween? And, they say, "what if I’m NOT an... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Must See Art in the United States

Think you have to go to Europe to see world-class art? YOU DON'T. You can see jaw-droppingly, mega-famous art in the US of A. In fact, there's so much great art in the States, it's nearly impossible to narrow it down... Continue Reading →

Art for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! So here are just a few of my favorite nature-inspired paintings to help you celebrate--and encourage you to take care of our planet.

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