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Earthquake in Italy: Why You Must Travel Now

Amatrice, Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto. Three towns north of Rome reduced to rubble by an earthquake today. People dead. Lives ruined. And no solution: humans can't control the whims of the earth. Disasters like this one always remind me... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Art Cities in the World

Since my bestselling novel, Oil and Marble, is art-historical fiction, and I'm an obsessive traveler, a lot of people ask: where are your favorite art cities? Are you still planning -- or dreaming of -- a last minute summer vacation? While... Continue Reading →

Meeting Mona Lisa

A friend recently told me about his experience seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time. "I was expecting to have this quiet, intimate moment with this beautiful painting," he said. "Instead, it was a madhouse! Why didn't anyone warn me?... Continue Reading →

“Lost” Leonardo Uncovered in Milan

With the news from Milan that one of Leonardo's "lost" frescos has been uncovered (a grove of mulberry trees in the Sforza Castle. For the full story, go here), we are reminded that history is never dead. Yes, Leonardo da... Continue Reading →

Hometowns of Famous Artists

Here's a secret: If you visit an artist's birthplace, some of their creative genius will rub off on you... and if THAT doesn't work, then at least these picturesque hometowns are sure to inspire. Don’t look for Paris, New York, or Tokyo here—these... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Must See Art in Italy

(You've reached my OLD WEBSITE. For an updated version of this post, please go to: Since my bestselling novel, Oil and Marble: a novel of Leonardo and Michelangelo, is art historical fiction set in Italy, a lot of fans ask:... Continue Reading →

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