Oil and Marble


Detroit Institute of Art

Why You Should Care About Art

I'm an art-historical novelist, so obviously I care about art. But why should you -- with your busy days, stressful job, growing kids, dinners to make, dishes to wash, and plenty of binge-able TV to keep you entertained -- care? Because... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Italian Renaissance Collections in US

As I've been out talking about my bestselling novel (Oil and Marble, art historical fiction about the real-life rivalry between Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo), many people have asked where they can see great Renaissance art without traveling to Italy. Well... Continue Reading →

12 Museums Making Art Relatable to YOU

Since my bestselling novel, Oil and Marble, is art historical fiction, a lot of fans ask about my favorite museums. Every museum hopes to attract the general public -- most offer family events, classes, or even a free party on Friday nights. But some... Continue Reading →

Detroit Takes “High Art” to the Streets

Every year, the Detroit Institute of Art places high-quality reproductions of masterpieces from their collection in outdoor, public spaces. The project is called Inside/Out. (For more on from the DIA go HERE).   This project makes me so happy. I... Continue Reading →

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