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Denver Art Museum

Top 10 Art Exhibits in 2018

You've reached my OLD WEBSITE. For the latest, please visit To prepare for my year, I've combed magazines, art blogs, museum websites, and friends' brains searching for the best art exhibits of 2018. Here's my list for the top... Continue Reading →

11 Reasons to Visit the Denver Art Museum

While on book tour in Denver, I spent the day at the Denver Art Museum, and I was blown away -- not only by the art (which was fabulous), but by the atmosphere. This museum buzzes with energy and brings art to life... Continue Reading →

12 Museums Making Art Relatable to YOU

You've reached my OLD WEBSITE. For updates on my novels and other news/posts, please visit: Since my bestselling novel, Oil and Marble, is art historical fiction, a lot of fans ask about my favorite museums. Every museum hopes to attract the... Continue Reading →

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