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Summer 2018: Paperback and new TV Show

It's going to be a busy summer for the Oil and Marble household... The paperback edition comes out on June 19th. So, this summer, we will be traveling around the country doing book events, signing copies at bookstores and museum shops,... Continue Reading →


1 Year on the Road: What I’ve Learned… So Far

One year ago, my husband and I sold our condo in Los Angeles to go on the road. I’d lived in LA for over 15 years. He'd lived there for 25. But we left it all behind—at least for a while—to... Continue Reading →

Book Tour: Recap

Since publication of Oil and Marble on March 1st: 2.5 months. 18 states. 83 book talks. New York Times Sunday Book review. Los Angeles Times Bestseller. Sold out of first edition in first week. ABC. NBC. PBS. NPR. Signed over 1,000... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Questions About Oil and Marble

Over the last two-and-a-half months, I've traveled to 18 states, signed over 1,000 books, and put on 81 "shows" (where I do a reading and/or talk about my novel). I've spoken at book stores, museums, art galleries, libraries, historical societies, schools... Continue Reading →

Private Collection for Public Good

In Spartanburg, South Carolina there is a unique collection of art -- the Johnson Collection. I wanted to take a brief moment to highlight it because it embodies values I hold dear. Their motto is: A Private Collection for Public Good. The gallery... Continue Reading →

Andy Warhol: the man, not the myth, in Pittsburgh

One reason I write art historical fiction is to bring "untouchable legends" to life -- to show Michelangelo and Leonardo not as divine geniuses, but as men. Struggling, passionate, broken, complex men. But even though this is my mission, I never... Continue Reading →

Why Every Author Should Go To Hudson Ohio

Before I started scheduling my book tour, I read many blogs claiming that traditional book tours are passe or, worse yet, wastes of money that don't produce sales. In this digital age, many people say, go on a "blog tour" instead! Well, I... Continue Reading →

Leonardo Lives in Kansas City

This past week, I signed books at Kansas City's Union Station where -- right now through May 1st -- there's an awesome Leonardo exhibition on display. While signing books, I met all kinds of intelligent, kind people. I signed books for... Continue Reading →

What I Learned in Denver

On Monday, I flew out of Denver, Colorado. I'm on book tour, so I'd flown in from California, which has been my home for fifteen years, and flew out to Arkansas, where I was born and raised. And yet, somehow, during... Continue Reading →

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