Oil and Marble



If I sign yours, you sign mine

Today, I retire my old, beaten up copy of Oil and Marble. I've carried this copy all over the world, asking fans, friends, and family to sign it. "If I sign yours, you sign mine." (The idea was given to... Continue Reading →


Happy Paperback Day!

Today is paperback day -- the day when Oil and Marble is officially out in paperback. Although my debut has been out for over 2 YEARS, this all still feels new to me, and holding my paperback for the first... Continue Reading →

Book Tour: Recap

Since publication of Oil and Marble on March 1st: 2.5 months. 18 states. 83 book talks. New York Times Sunday Book review. Los Angeles Times Bestseller. Sold out of first edition in first week. ABC. NBC. PBS. NPR. Signed over 1,000... Continue Reading →

Advanced Reading Copies — ALMOST a book!

Two weeks  ago, my husband and I officially drove out of Los Angeles to begin our stint of traveling. We drove through Phoenix and Flagstaff, stopped in Santa Fe for a few days, visited art museums, Catholic pilgrimage spots, and ashrams.... Continue Reading →

New Pub Date, Amazon, Cover Art

Yesterday was a big day for Oil and Marble. My publisher sent all kinds of exciting news... 1: The publication date has been MOVED UP. The novel will now be released in March 2016! (Currently scheduled for March 1st). That's... Continue Reading →

LA Times Festival of Books 2015

When I went to the LA Times Festival of Books this year, it felt like the largest book festival in the country--which is exactly what it is. It was giant. It took me two hours just to walk around the... Continue Reading →

Writing a Successful Query Letter

Since announcing my publication news, a lot of people have asked, “How did you find your publisher?” When I give credit to my agent, Barbara Braun, they inevitably ask, “So, how did you get your agent?” Since I have worked... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Michelangelo

Today is Michelangelo Buonarroti’s birthday. He is 540. In the coming weeks, I will put out a post about the plot of my upcoming novel, but here’s a teaser: Michelangelo is one of the protagonists. I have known Michelangelo for... Continue Reading →

Write Like an Actor

Actors and writers. The two always seemed like opposites to me: Writers (ie, ME) were introverted. Thoughtful. Dreamy. Quiet. Lonely. Actors were extroverted. Loud. Popular. Superficial. Desperate for attention. Then, one year ago, I attended my first acting class at... Continue Reading →

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