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Art Institute of Chicago

Go See Manet in Chicago

You've reached my OLD WEBSITE. For the latest, please go to Edouard Manet was the original rebel of the modernist art movement in Paris. Before the Impressionists broke with the established Paris Salon, it was Manet who shook up... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Italian Renaissance Collections in US

As I've been out talking about my bestselling novel (Oil and Marble, art historical fiction about the real-life rivalry between Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo), many people have asked where they can see great Renaissance art without traveling to Italy. Well... Continue Reading →

Art Conservation that Inspires YOU to Create

I've always been fascinated by the mysterious world of art conservation. It probably started with the restoration of the Sistine Ceiling back in the 80s and 90s when conservationists erected giant scaffoldings and spent years cleaning and restoring Michelangelo's frescos. At... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Must See Art in the United States

Think you have to go to Europe to see world-class art? YOU DON'T. You can see jaw-droppingly, mega-famous art in the US of A. In fact, there's so much great art in the States, it's nearly impossible to narrow it down... Continue Reading →

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