Do Writers TRUST Actors?

Last night, after my regular Monday night acting class at the Actors Workout Studio, I stuck around for a few minutes to chat with a couple of actors and one of my acting coaches, Andrew Benne. I love Andrew — he’s an inspiring, intuitive, enthusiastic teacher and every time I work with him, I walk away thinking about something in a new way… This time, I stayed up all night mulling our conversation about how writers often overwrite because, Andrew said,“writers don’t trust actors.” At the time I agreed. Overnight, I changed my mind. It’s not that writers don’t trust actors. It’s that most … Continue reading Do Writers TRUST Actors?

Upcoming Workshops

For those of you interested in taking a writing workshop from me, here are a few upcoming opportunities: ONGOING WRITERS’ GROUP at Actors Workout Studio (Sundays) Every Sunday, starting up again on June 14th, this group meets to workshop material. It’s specifically designed to develop plays to BE PUT UP ON STAGE at the Actors’ Workout Studio. This group of writers is amazingly talented and supportive — and it’s a great opportunity to have your work staged (or to just join our community and participate in a weekly workshop) For more information on the Ongoing Writers’ Group GO HERE.   ART … Continue reading Upcoming Workshops

Acting like a writer

Actors and writers. The two always seemed like opposites to me: Writers (ie, ME) were introverted. Thoughtful. Dreamy. Quiet. Lonely. Actors were extroverted. Loud. Popular. Superficial. Desperate for attention. Then, one year ago, I attended my first acting class at a creative little theater in North Hollywood: the Actor’s Workout Studio. I hoped that acting would, somehow, make me a better writer—maybe teach me something about character motivation or how to write better dialogue. I went with the intention of sitting in a dark corner and taking notes. Instead, I—the writer—fell into the powerful turbine that is acting. I was … Continue reading Acting like a writer