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Art of Los Angeles: 10 Thought-Provoking Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

I love it when something makes me see the world in a new way. I wrote a whole novel trying to change the way people see famous artists -- not as genius legends up on pedestals, but as human beings struggling to... Continue Reading →


Why Every Artist Should Study Acting

Yesterday, I signed books at my acting studio in North Hollywood, Actors Workout Studio, during the regular Sunday Writing Workshop. It was a great morning, workshopping some fantastic scripts and getting to sign my novel to my fellow actors and friends --... Continue Reading →

Do Writers TRUST Actors?

Last night, after my regular Monday night acting class at the Actors Workout Studio, I stuck around for a few minutes to chat with a couple of actors and one of my acting coaches, Andrew Benne. I love Andrew -- he's an inspiring,... Continue Reading →

Write Like an Actor

Actors and writers. The two always seemed like opposites to me: Writers (ie, ME) were introverted. Thoughtful. Dreamy. Quiet. Lonely. Actors were extroverted. Loud. Popular. Superficial. Desperate for attention. Then, one year ago, I attended my first acting class at... Continue Reading →

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