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Oil and Marble on Kansas City PBS “Arts Upload” (author interview) on April 28

Interview on KARK (NBC Affiliate) in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 16

Interview on THV11 (CBS Affiliate) on This Morning in Little Rock on May 13

Interview on KARK (NBC Affiliate) in Little Rock on May


Stephanie sparkles

the crowd was enraptured

her generosity fills the room

Best Guest Speaker Ever!

“Stephanie Storey easily distinguished herself as one of the best speakers that the Springfield Art Museum has hosted in recent memory. She took the time to ask questions about our groups’ particular interests, understand the Museum’s collection, and to consider what format would be most engaging. She didn’t just present her ideas and research, she created a dialogue with the audience. Like a viewer of Michelangelo’s Pietà, the crowd was enraptured by Stephanie’s storytelling.”
–Joshua Best
Development and Marketing Coordinator for the Springfield Art Museum

“Stephanie Storey’s expertise brought my writing to the next level. Her understanding of what motivates readers, as evidenced in her own work, makes the difference between an abandoned novel and a beloved one. Stephanie’s funny anecdotes and warm heart kept the powerful information at manageable levels. This is not your average writing class. It’s one to write home about.
Kathryn Culpepper
The Writing Barn, attendee/student

When Stephanie Storey speaks, her generosity fills the room. Stephanie’s talent for inspiring new writers to action transformed our casual open mic into a salon of heartfelt encouragement and wise advice. Her approachable style, mentorship, and excellent Q&A responses made a professional contribution beyond expectation.  I have already recommended Stephanie Storey to other organizations as both an artist and a speaker.
–Jennifer Dorner, Writing Fellow
Attic Institute, Portland, Oregon

“Stephanie sparkles!  Her talks about Leonardo and Michelangelo combine solidly researched information and imagination, presented with engaging style.  She paints a vivid picture of the rivalry of these two great Renaissance giants–equals in genius, opposites in personality–working almost elbow to elbow in Florence for several years.”
–Carolyn Watson
Art History Professor at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina

“Stephanie has a knowledge and insight much deeper than the text books can ever give. She has a way of bringing the characters to life again! I’m so thankful that Stephanie was willing to share her knowledge with our students and faculty. Best “Guest Speaker” ever!
–Jo Hornbeck
Art Teacher at Lakeside High School in Hot Springs, Arkansas

“Stephanie Storey engages everyone in the room in her creative journey. She weaves her magic while imparting craft tips which are helpful to all writers. She presented one of the best workshops we have offered in recent months.”
–Susan Williamson
Program Chair for the Winston-Salem Writers’ Workshop

The Asheville Art Museum enjoyed hosting Stephanie on her book tour for Oil and Marble! Although we don’t collect Italian Renaissance art, Stephanie tailored her discussion of the novel to include material on how Leonardo’s and Michelangelo’s masterpieces relate to our collection focus: 20th- and 21st-century American art with concentration on the arts of Southern Appalachia and Western North Carolina. No small feat, but she made it seem effortless and like the most natural thing in the world! Stephanie brings great energy and passion to her presentations, and her love for the subject matter is quite contagious.
–Kristi McMillan
Adult Programs Manager at the Asheville Art Museum

“Author Stephanie Storey captivated the attention of her audience of around sixty Heber Springs residents keeping them spellbound as she spoke about her debut historical novel, Oil and MarbleHer enthusiasm, quick-wit, energy and intelligence quickly captured everyone’s attention and left the group feeling a part of her creative process… Stephanie’s passionate and animated presentation brought to life the historical important of these important works of art and the drama between these two masters as they created them. Stephanie encouraged each person to keep developing their own creative endeavors.”
–Marilyn Wright
The Sun-Times, Heber Springs, Arkansas

“Stephanie Storey is a vibrant and engaging teaching artist whose presentation strikes the perfect balance between author’s talk and instructional lecture—she opened a window into her own writing world for Writing Barn attendees while giving them practical tools for improving their process. Most importantly, she gave writers the courage and inspiration to commit to their dream projects and tackle the inevitable challenges that come with writing and editing a book. Stephanie’s unique perspective as a producer enables her to speak candidly about making bold edits and brave character choices while staying true to the author’s voice.”
Claire Campbell, Programming Manager The Writing Barn

“The longer we visited, the more I wanted to ask the young lady. She is a fascinating individual whose passion is stimulating even for those of us without an artistic state of mind.”
–Steve Vassallo

“With Oil and Marble, Stephanie Storey made Leonardo and Michelangelo come alive for art history students at The University of Mississippi.”
–Nancy L. Wicker
Professor of Art History, The University of Mississippi
Author of Gender and the Archeology of Death

“Stephanie Storey gave an enthused and interesting presentation to my English class with a focus on her novel and the process of writing.  Students were most positive in their feedback, and Ms. Storey’s story was both fun and inspirational.  A nice yet relevant break in the daily curriculum.”
–T.G. Finkbinder
APEX English teacher at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, MD

“Stephanie brought her passion for art history to our students at Lakeside High School. It was very inspiring to hear her talk about her journey to learn about Leonardo and Michelangelo!”
–Stony Evans
Library media specialist at Lakeside High School in Hot Springs, Arkansas


(Partial List of Presentations)

Museums/Art Exhibits

  • Springfield Art Museum. Springfield, MO
  • Asheville Art Museum. Asheville, NC
  • Alison Parsons Art Gallery. Hot Springs, AR
  • “Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit.” Union Station. Kansas City, MO
  • Mid-America Museum. Hot Springs, AR

Workshops/Writing Schools

  • Winston-Salem Writers. Milton. Rhodes Arts Center. Winston-Salem, NC
  • The Writing Barn. Austin, TX
  • Ohio Writers’ Guild. Denmark on High. Columbus, OH
  • The Attic Institute. Portland, OR

Cultural Centers

  • Arkansas Governor’s Mansion. Little Rock, AR
  • Hudson Library and Historical Society. Hudson, OH
  • Cultural Arts Center. Columbus, OH
  • Actors’ Workout Studio. North Hollywood, CA
  • Garvan Woodland Gardens. Hot Springs, AR


  • Vanderbilt University. Nashville, TN
  • University of Mississippi. Oxford, MS
  • Furman University. Greenville, SC
  • St. Charles Community College. St. Louis, MO

High Schools

  • Greeley High School. Greeley, CO
  • Lakeside High School. Hot Springs, AR
  • Walter Johnson High School. Bethesda, MD
  • Spartanburg Day School. Spartanburg, SC
  • Oxford High School. Oxford, MS
  • Lafayette High School. Oxford, MS
  • Christian Brothers’ High School. Memphis, TN
  • Hardin Valley Academy. Knoxville, TN

Junior High/Elementary Schools

  • iLead Schools, SCVi. Castaic, CA
  • High Tech Middle School. Chula Vista, CA
  • Bristow Run Elementary. Bristow, VA
  • Oxford University School. Oxford, MS
  • Holy Rosary Middle School. Memphis, TN


  • Book Soup. Los Angeles, CA
  • Warwick’s. La Jolla CA
  • Regulator Bookshop. Durham, NC
  • Hub City Bookshop. Spartanburg, SC
  • Barnes and Noble. Nashville, TN
  • Off Square Books. Oxford, MS
  • Barnes and Noble. Little Rock, AR
  • Nightbird Books. Fayetteville, AR

Book Clubs

  • Reunion Book Club. Chula Vista, CA
  • Chapters Book Club. Hot Springs, AR
  • Book Club. Little Rock, AR
  • Babes Book Club. Hot Springs, AR
  • Smart Cookies Book Club. Rogers, AR


  • St. Francis. Heber Springs, AR
  • UU Church of Austin. Austin, TX


All topics can be tailored to any location; Stephanie creates new presentations for each venue and audience.

All presentations can be accompanied by a slide presentation or without (depending upon the venues technological capabilities).

For Museums

  • Art History Presentation focusing on rivalry between Michelangelo and Leonardo and the art of the Italian Renaissance
    • Can be tailored, specifically, to any museum collection or exhibit. Connections to any kind of art/presentation makes Italian Renaissance Art relevant to any collection — Modern American, Asian, Folk Art, South American, Indian… and any collection in between
  • Creation of Art Presentation (Or Making Artists Human)
    • For museums, galleries or exhibits who want to focus on the process of creating art — on making artists human, a major theme of Oil and Marble.
  • Science/Technology Presentation: Leonardo the Scientist
    • Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most brilliant scientific minds in history; this presentation brings Leonardo’s scientific mind to life

For Schools (all talks have varying degrees of difficulty — appropriate for 3rd graders through college students)

  • Art History Presentation: Michelangelo versus Leonardo da Vinci
    • Underlying Theme: By learning from these two Renaissance masters, you too can achieve greatness
  • Creative Writing Presentation: The process of writing and publishing a novel
    • Great for English students or any group of students who need to be inspired to learn to write (and revise) well
  • Hollywood Presentation: The truth about working in Hollywood
    • For broadcasting, drama, theater, or writing students. Also appropriate for any age or any combination of students.
  • Combination — combine any or all of the above
    • By combining art, writing and/or broadcasting students, usually Q&A leads to an interesting mix of questions… Art feeds writing feeds broadcasting…

Writing Workshops

  • “Serving Story”
    • An overview of lessons from art history, screenwriting, acting, directing and how each of these subjects helped me — and can help other writers — craft better stories
  • “Conquering the Novel”
    • Many writers want to write a novel, but they are daunted by how to conquer something so long and unwieldy. This workshop will help writers develop a plan for writing and FINISHING their novel
  • “Acting for Writers”
    • Breaking down lessons from acting to help writers create better dialogue, character action, motivations, and stories
    • Perfect for any writer who wants to go deeper into character, but who does not want to study acting/get up on stage
  • “The Art of Writing”
    • Lessons from Art and Art History. How the visual arts can teach all of us to tell better stories
  • “Historical Fiction”
    • Overview of the issues specifically facing Historical Fiction writers: how to organize research, questions of artistic license vs. “fact”, avoiding stilted dialogue while being true to the time period, etc
  • “Writing with Research”
    • Delves deep into the issues surrounding research — historical or any research — involved in writing fiction or non-fiction. How to organize, choose sources, what to cut to keep the story moving, etc.

Inspirational Workshops
Variety of inspirational topics for any venue or audience including:
“Art For Life: Lessons from Art and Storytelling”
“Finding Your Genius”
“Michelangelo’s Keys to Overcoming Obstacles”
“Dream Like Da Vinci”


To book Stephanie Storey, use the contact form on this website.