While preparing for publication of my first novel (that’s STILL a crazy thing to write!), I started this blog — to keep my friends, family and fans up-to-date on the publishing process and also to write a bit about writing (from how to write a successful query letter to what tennis has taught me about good storytelling)…

But this blog is also where I write about art.

I have always loved art: I love making it, looking at it, traveling to see it, reading about it, writing about it, talking about it, dreaming about it… I studied art in college and at University in Italy. I mean, I write whole novels about the creation of art… I have an insatiable, obsessive love of the stuff.

But some (NOT ALL, by any stretch) art publications seem designed only for art aficionados who are already well-versed in the history of art, the philosophical discussions surrounding it, and the academic debates within the field. They put out content aimed at people who are already up to their ears in the art world and cover such minutia that Mr. and Mrs. Average Viewer (and their children) are left out of the conversation.

From where I’m sitting, people — regular people — want to know about art. They want to be entertained and touched by it — just as they are entertained and touched by a good movie with a good plot (about dinosaurs or comic book heroes) or by binge watching Orange is the New Black. It’s only when we put art up on a pedestal and use fancy, academic language to describe it that people’s eyes begin to glaze over.

So, I’m going to own this:

On this blog, I want to Hollywoodize art. 

“Hollywoodize” is often a dirty word, but it’s just my way of saying I want to make art and art history relatable and exciting to regular people. After all, throughout history, art WAS for regular people — during the Renaissance, the Church needed imagery to reach the hearts and minds of regular people who could not read religious texts.

Art was meant to stir the hearts of man.

And it still should.

800px-RAFAEL_-_Madonna_Sixtina_(Gemäldegalerie_Alter_Meister,_Dresde,_1513-14._Óleo_sobre_lienzo,_265_x_196_cm)I want to feel like Raphael’s putti in the Sistine Madonna — just a child, sitting in awe at the foot of a miracle… And I want you to feel that way, too.

I want to tell some really good (true) stories that make art meaningful to someone who doesn’t know the difference between the Renaissance and Impressionism, and WHO DOES NOT CARE TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, EITHER. They just want to be moved by a beautiful painting, amazed by a miraculous marble sculpture, or entertained by a multi-media project from an artist working in a loft in New York or Detroit.

People want to know a little, learn a little, hear a good story, and be MOVED. Then, they want to go on with their lives.

So, on this blog, I’m going to show you about the big, cliched pieces of art you “must see” when you travel; tell you epic, exciting stories about those works; point you in the direction of the museums and art exhibitions that make art relatable to regular people…

So, look around this blog — check out the menu at the top of this (or any page) — or the categories at the bottom. You can read about the publishing processhow to be a better writer, great art to see while you’re traveling (or dreaming of traveling), and ways art can teach YOU to be more creative in your own life.

On this blog, I hope to make art accessible, relatable, and exciting TO YOU.

And if, along the way, people accuse me of being superficial or simplistic or Hollywood… well then, mission accomplished.