Oil and Marble



Fear of a Book Event in Madrid

Last night, I went to my first international book event for Oil and Marble (Leonardo y Miguel Angel in Spanish) at Libreria Le in Madrid. I was terrified. I've done over 100 book events all over the US; I no... Continue Reading →


When I dreamed of being a novelist, this is not what I pictured…

This is a photo of everything my husband and I own (except for a few clothes that we can fit in a couple of suitcases in our car). When I sold my debut novel Oil and Marble: a Novel of Leonardo... Continue Reading →

1 Year on the Road: What I’ve Learned… So Far

One year ago, my husband and I sold our condo in Los Angeles to go on the road. I’d lived in LA for over 15 years. He'd lived there for 25. But we left it all behind—at least for a while—to... Continue Reading →

Update: Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, Best Books of 2016, & Spanish Translation

Yesterday was a big day in the life of Oil and Marble. Hudson Booksellers (you know, where you most likely buy your books and magazines when in an airport) included Oil and Marble on its Best Books of 2016 list.... Continue Reading →

Book Tour: Recap

Since publication of Oil and Marble on March 1st: 2.5 months. 18 states. 83 book talks. New York Times Sunday Book review. Los Angeles Times Bestseller. Sold out of first edition in first week. ABC. NBC. PBS. NPR. Signed over 1,000... Continue Reading →

Why Every Author Should Go To Hudson Ohio

Before I started scheduling my book tour, I read many blogs claiming that traditional book tours are passe or, worse yet, wastes of money that don't produce sales. In this digital age, many people say, go on a "blog tour" instead! Well, I... Continue Reading →

Overlooked Arkansas: Media, Museums, and Gardens

I was born and raised in Arkansas, but after living in Los Angeles for 15 years, I know the state is often overlooked, ignored, and even mocked (for being country or backwoods or... where is it again?) But on this... Continue Reading →

Book Soup in Los Angeles

Last night, at Book Soup on Sunset Blvd, I spoke about my debut novel and then signed copies. It was an unreal experience for me; almost too much to believe. When I first moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago, I... Continue Reading →

Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday when voters in 13 states and American Samoa will go to the polls for Democratic and Republican primaries and caucuses. The major party candidates may be solidified today. It is also publication day for my debut novel, Oil and... Continue Reading →

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