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A Book You Want To Read versus A Book You Want To Write

I often hear people say, "Write the book you want to read. If no one has written it yet, it's up to you!" There is one true thing about this advice: you should NEVER write a book you do not want to... Continue Reading →


Just Say Yes! How Comedy Improv Can Embolden Your Writing

Last weekend, I went to see Jetzo -- a "Kabuki-inspired improv" duo in Hollywood. Jetzo is unlike any comedy improv you've ever seen. Juzo Yoshida and Chad “Jett” Damiani are completely in the moment, engaged with the audience, and performing something... Continue Reading →

Ode to E.L. Doctorow

E.L. Doctorow: Writer. Teacher. Historical Novelist. He died of lung cancer today; I am sad. As a television interview producer, I have met many authors: Maya Angelou. David McCullough. Salman Rushdie. I never met him. I am sad about that. But... Continue Reading →

10 Ways Art Can Improve Your Writing

Writing and the visual arts may seem different, but at their hearts, they both tell stories… I have studied art my entire life: I took my first art class when I was in kindergarten (in Miss Jeannie's garage), have a... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice from Wimbledon

(Updated to honor the 2019 semi-final between Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal) Whenever I watch tennis -- especially great tennis like at Wimbledon -- I always think about how much tennis has taught me about writing. I grew up in a... Continue Reading →

Do Writers TRUST Actors?

Last night, after my regular Monday night acting class at the Actors Workout Studio, I stuck around for a few minutes to chat with a couple of actors and one of my acting coaches, Andrew Benne. I love Andrew -- he's an inspiring,... Continue Reading →

City or Country: Which is better for writers?

I'm having a bit of a personal crisis. Now that I'm embarking on this new life as a full-time writer, do I stay in the bustling, busy, ambitious city of Los Angeles or move to a quieter place. I didn't know I... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Sh*# OR Actor’s Sh*#

The other day, at a class at Actors Creative Workshop, casting director Lisa Pantone told a roomful of actors: "The script isn't about YOUR shi*#. It's about the writer's sh*#." The writer in me cheered and wanted to stand up and raise a... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Storytelling

Last week, I performed in a storytelling show at the Cupcake Theater in the heart of Hollywood. Seven different women got up on a stage and told seven different stories - some funny, some heartbreaking, all true.   Last month,... Continue Reading →

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