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Be an Unreasonable Artist

I just started reading Gaudi: a biography by Gijs Van Hensbergen and the opening quote is from George Bernard Shaw's Man and Superman: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world... Continue Reading →


See the Della Robbia Exhibit at the National Gallery

These days, media alerts and anger overwhelm our lives. We're all swimming in the constant noise of distrust, disunity and distaste. All sides seem to be constantly trying to "out ugly" the others. But I recently experienced a wave of beauty that seemed to wash it all... Continue Reading →

10 Ways Our World is Like the Renaissance

In honor of Michelangelo's birthday today -- March 6th (he would be 542), I've been thinking a lot about the differences between our world and his... but I've also been thinking about the strange, striking similarities between our two eras. It's... Continue Reading →

To Succeed as an Artist, Seek an Unbalanced Life: Lessons from Gaudi

I hear it all the time: To be happy, you must seek balance. "The only way to be a successful human being is to NOT be so obsessed with your work. Be obsessed with balance, instead! Balance between work and family,... Continue Reading →

10 Artists Plagued by Self-Doubt: Lessons from the National Gallery of Art

It's so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas. -- Paul Cezanne I've never had writer's block, but ever since my debut novel Oil and Marble: A Novel of Leonardo and Michelangelo has come out (and... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Care About Art

I'm an art-historical novelist, so obviously I care about art. But why should you -- with your busy days, stressful job, growing kids, dinners to make, dishes to wash, and plenty of binge-able TV to keep you entertained -- care? Because... Continue Reading →

To Succeed in Business, Major in Art History

I hear it all the time from high school and college students (and their parents): to succeed, you must major in science, technology, engineering, or business. Any other degree is waste of time. A frivolous hobby. And an art history... Continue Reading →

For Orlando: The Art of Love Over Hate

I had a different post planned for this week, but how can I write about anything after Orlando? There are no words. And yet too many. Confusion and anger. But I don't want to throw hateful words back at hateful acts. I agree... Continue Reading →

Why Artists Should Move to Durham, NC

While on national book tour for my debut novel, Oil and Marble, my husband and I are searching for a new spot to settle down. When this is all over, we may return to Los Angeles, we may not. While every... Continue Reading →

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