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Oil and Marble is coming to a paperback near you — summer 2018!

For months, people (especially students, schools, art museums, nonprofits, book clubs) have been asking: when is the paperback coming?

My answer: I don’t know. That’s the publisher’s decision, not mine.

The truth was — although I never admitted it out loud — I didn’t know if a paperback edition was EVER coming.

Now, I finally have an answer: June 2018!

A few debut authors are lucky enough to have a paperback edition guaranteed in their contract, but it wasn’t like that for Oil and Marble. There were no guarantees. I had to sell enough books to convince my publisher to put out a paperback.

My agent says I should be proud. The paperback means the novel is a success. The paperback proves all of my hard work paid off…

But the paperback isn’t coming because of ME. Not really.

The paperback is coming because of YOU — my loyal readers — who read the novel and followed this blog and showed up to events and THREW events and passed out book cards (if you’ve ever met my proud parents, you may have several of those cards in your wallet) and wrote reviews and gave it out as gifts (or in the case of my aunt, gave it out instead of birthday and thank you cards!) and hosted book clubs and told others to read it (at church, on airplanes, at school, in line at the grocery store). This paperback is because YOU helped my novel grow.

As I sit here writing this blog (in a hotel room in Portland, Oregon), I’m crying — just a little. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for every single person who has shown up this past year. It’s because of you that Oil and Marble will now have a new life as a paperback. It’s because of YOU that more readers will get to know Michelangelo and Leonardo just a little bit better.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. If I could hug every single one of you and personally sign all of your books, I would. Consider this post a giant high-five from me — to tide us over until we meet again (or for the first time).

Go have a drink to celebrate. I know I am.