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Over 13 months ago, my husband and I sold our condo in Los Angeles to go on the road to promote my debut novel Oil and Marble. At every stop, we ask ourselves: would we want to settle down here? What about there? Could we call this home? What about that?

I finally found my resounding answer. I want to live inside Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batlló.

I’ve always liked living in places that are a little odd. Our condo (where we lived for 12 years) was a loft without any doors. It had a glass floor (that was a skylight for our office) and a fish tank embedded in one wall. It was weird, and I loved it.

But nothing compares to the brazen oddities in Casa Batllo. It’s all curves and colors, scales of a fish and lines in water… It’s a magnificent ode to nature and modernism, and it’s pure Gaudi.

15826193_10210509218019704_7923013758571579919_nIt even had a perfect little cubby hole (tucked in around a fireplace in the office). When I one day move into this place, I’m going to light a little fire and write here all day and night.

Throughout the house, there are twists and turns and spiraling staircases. Ceramics and colors that played with light depending upon time of day and cloud cover…

And oh, did I mention the roof??

There’s also an extra special energy in the place right now as it’s decked out for winter… There’s snow covering the facade (those white clumps of snow aren’t usually there!), a snowy tree in the courtyard and snow coming down all around the staircase.

I could wax poetic about Gaudi, but I think I’ll save that for another time. For today, I’ll leave you with this simple thought. If you can, go to Barcelona. Head down to the Block of Discord and visit the Casa Batllo… and when you’re there, please think of me tucked in some corner writing some story, knowing I’ve finally found home.