New Pub Date, Amazon, Cover Art

Yesterday was a big day for Oil and Marble. My publisher sent all kinds of exciting news…

1: The publication date has been MOVED UP. The novel will now be released in March 2016! (Currently scheduled for March 1st). That’s four months sooner than I originally thought; we are less than 6 MONTHS AWAY. I’m excited to be so much closer to holding the book in my hands and sending it — officially — out into the world. It also means I have a lot of work to do in a short time (PR, revisions, blurbs, etc), but I am ready for the challenge.

2: The book is OUT ON AMAZON complete with a pre-order button and everything. (I’m fairly certain this means family, friends and strangers are going to be able to buy my novel. WHAT?!)

51bi68bohML3: The cover looks awesome. I had seen multiple options for the cover, and this one was always my favorite. I love the feel. It communicates exactly what I wanted. I cannot thank the art department at Arcade Publishing enough.

Yesterday, when all of this news was confirmed, I ran home from the library (where I was writing my next novel) to share everything with my husband. I’ve had a publishing deal for nearly seven months; I’ve crossed many milestones along the way (signing the contract, choosing to publish under MY nameseeing the Goodreads page)… but yesterday finally made this author thing seem real.

Last month, I took a trip back home to Arkansas. I went downstairs to my childhood bedroom — where I wrote and illustrated my first book at age seven and dreamed, night after night, of being an author… I sat on my old canopy bed, stared out that small window — the same window I had looked out to wish upon the stars when I was a kid — and told “little me” that we had finally made it.

I’ve been climbing this same mountain for over 30 years. Today, I get to celebrate THIS summit… and prepare to climb onto the next.


4 thoughts on “New Pub Date, Amazon, Cover Art

  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes! In a good way but still. I remember reading your books you wrote way back when. I can’t wait to read it and I am so excited for you. This is so deserved and amazing!!! Way to go. The cover is gorgeous.

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  2. So very excited and happy for you to be having your childhood dreams come true. You’ve earned it with much hard work, perseverance, and a lot of talent. Looking forward to a big celebration in 2016. Love you,

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