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If you’re traveling around New York and Connecticut, an alliance of museums is hosting a series of exhibits you must see:

The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven different museums are collaborating — each one hosting an exhibit about one of the seven deadly sins:

The Aldrich on Sloth. The Bruce on Pride.
Wave Hill on Wrath…

Seven different museums coming together across the region to communicate a single story? That’s brilliant. I love the idea of museums working TOGETHER. Each museum approached the theme differently. We get  seven different looks at the same idea, all at the same time.

I wish all art museums would come together and collaborate on some giant, cross-country project. How cool would it be to go from one museum to another, bouncing across the country, following a single story?

That’s like my version of Utopia. Until then, we have the Fairfield Westchester Museum Alliance.

The 7 Museums and their sins:

Aldrich Contemporary Art

If you are a true sinner of sloth, this exhibit is for you. Here, you can settle into an armchair and virtually travel to the 6 OTHER exhibits! Too lazy to drive to Katonah or Wave Hill? Great – settle back and give into your slothful self at the Aldrich. Exhibit on through September 19th.

Bruce Museum


This exhibit follows the sin of pride from the Renaissance to today through a series of prints, drawings, paintings and a video installation. It reminds us — pride is nothing new; if you are human, you probably struggle with pride. Exhibit on through October 18.

 Hudson River Museum


Brooklyn multimedia artist Adrien Broom gives us envy via the timeless stories of fairy tales. Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast — they all deal with ENVY. Exhibit on through September 26.

Neuberger Museum


22 contemporary artists use gold to conquer the idea of greed. One artist even made this gold trash can — what does THAT say about our modern obsession with GREED? Exhibit on through October 11.

Wave Hill


Wave Hill chose to explore the wrath of nature — from hurricanes and floods to droughts and fires. These are expressive paintings of natural disasters that respond to recent events and explore our precarious world. Exhibit on through September 7.

Katonah Museum


“Emile Clark: The Delicacy of Decomposition” explores the idea of gluttony by focusing on over-consumption and her family’s food waste. Katonah also hosted SINema at the Jacob Burns Film Center, showing films that explore the seven deadly sins. SINema ended in July, but the Delicacy of Decomposition is open until September 6th.

Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Arts

sherman-2This exhibit came complete with a warning that no one under 18 is permitted inside due to its racy content. This exhibit is already closed, but you can still visit its sister exhibit, “Love: The First of the 7 Virtues” in the main gallery — open until Dec 6th. For more information on visiting the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Arts: