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It’s been a lively few days in my publishing life, so here’s a little update:

1: For those of you who missed it, I have a publication date:

JULY 5, 2016

I’m already envisioning one heck of a 4th of July party next year, aren’t you? Publication is now less than a year away, people! Makes it feel more official, doesn’t it?

2: I recently saw mock-ups of a few potential book jackets… Let me tell you, this book is going to be beautiful; I was happy with every option they showed me. The art department at Arcade Publishing ROCKS, and I can’t wait until the cover is finally approved and I can share it with you.

3: This morning began with an email from my editor to discuss a potential subtitle (I’ll keep you posted on that!)

4: This blog is growing — thanks to all of you! I am proud to have thousands of visitors from all over the world (I have visitors from 55 different countries including Italy, Germany, UK, Japan, Israel, Argentina, Thailand, South Africa… the list goes on) — all reading about my book, writing advice, and ramblings on art…


This piece of news is in ALL CAPS because — for some reason — this feels like the biggest news of all.

This weekend, my husband randomly typed “Oil and Marble” into Goodreads and… there I was.

There have been a lot of exciting steps in this process: getting news of the book deal, signing the contract, getting my first advance check, hearing my book was being promoted at the London Book Fair… but for some reason it was this Goodreads news that made it all seem real.

 Uh, I’m a novelist.

The Goodreads page doesn’t even have anything on it yet — other than a brief plot description — but just knowing people will talking about my book on Goodreads made it all sink in.

It’s funny that a social media site that has been around for less than a decade made my publishing deal seem more LEGIT. (what does this say about me or our culture that I needed representation on a social media site to feel validated? Sometimes it feels like, in today’s society, we need to be on social media in order to exist. Is that good, bad, or just a fact? I think I’ll let people smarter than I conquer that question).

The truth is, Goodreads is where everyone I know shares information about what they read. It’s where people who love books go to talk about stories, writers, and characters. It’s like a porn site for book lovers. I feel like anyone who reads is on Goodreads. And any book that is going to be read must be there.

And now my book is there, too.

Just another step along the journey… Another step toward the BEGINNING OF THE JOURNEY, which officially BEGINS on July 5, 2016.