Upcoming Workshops

For those of you interested in taking a writing workshop from me, here are a few upcoming opportunities:

ONGOING WRITERS’ GROUP at Actors Workout Studio (Sundays)
Every Sunday, starting up again on June 14th, this group meets to workshop material. It’s specifically designed to develop plays to BE PUT UP ON STAGE at the Actors’ Workout Studio. This group of writers is amazingly talented and supportive — and it’s a great opportunity to have your work staged (or to just join our community and participate in a weekly workshop)

For more information on the Ongoing Writers’ Group GO HERE.


ART AND WRITING WORKSHOP at LA Writers Group (Saturday, July 11th)
This unique, one-day workshop will teach you techniques from the visual arts (painting, sculpture, digital art, collage…) to enhance your writing. While putting together inspirational collages and doing writing prompts, you will learn new, art-based skills for improving your visual descriptions, settings, character and even dialogue.

In addition to being a published novelist, screenwriter, and TV writer/producer, I am also an ART FANATIC. My undergraduate degree is in art/art history; I have studied art at university in Pisa, Italy; and I have been on a pilgrimage to see every Michelangelo. I even attended a PhD program in Art History — before leaving the program to get my MFA in Creative Writing. This workshop will be a unique blend of ART and WRITING!



ACTING FOR WRITERS WORKSHOP at LA Writers Group (Saturday, July 25th)
In this one-day workshop, participants will improve their writing craft by learning to write like an actor. Actors have an amazing ability to develop full, rounded characters and write crackling dialogue. Through a series of writing prompts, acting lessons, and discussions, participants will learn to write better dialogue, get in touch with their characters’ emotions, develop strong points of view, and choose character details that are specific and important. 

Becoming an actor — studying my craft in classes at a range of studios across town, from scene study to comedy improv; reading every acting book I can get my hands on; performing in plays in Hollywood; going out for auditions; working with my talent agent — has fundamentally changed the way I write. I write deeper, with more humanity and complexity, than ever before. I want to share this with you — so that you, too, can take your writing to a new level.

Sign up coming soon. GO HERE for the calendar of upcoming events.


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