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I have been waiting for this day ever since I got my publishing deal: the announcement of my publication date. I knew it would make the whole thing seem more real and allow me to put together a publicity calendar and start making PLANS. Plus, it just sounds cooler to have a publication date, instead of having to say, “Oh I still don’t know when it’s coming out, but it’s coming.”

During my fifteen years of producing interviews for national talk television shows, I have booked hundreds of authors. I know how long traditional publishing takes. As a producer, I often have over a year of advance notice before a book hits the shelves, and I receive galley copies six months prior to publication. I knew, in my head, that my publication date would be a year away.

But I’m not sure that my heart was in sync with that reality.

Fifteen months seemed like an eternity. I come from the world of TV production, where we turn stories around in a matter of minutes–not years (okay, maybe I’m being hyperbolic with the year(S) line. It is not, after all, years. It’s one year–but still. You get my point). I had all of this momentum. I had announced the book deal on Facebook and Twitter (is that what momentum looks like these days?), and I already had well-meaning family members asking where they could buy the book NOW.

I panicked to my husband and best friend, but it was a call with my mother that turned me around.

You see, I’m only forty, but she’s almost seventy, and those thirty years make all the difference.

“Fifteen months is not very long,” she said (after she talked it all over with her best friend, an Italian woman whom I adore and who always has this amazing perspective on life). “You’ll see. It will go by fast,” my mom said. “And now, you have time to finish your next book before you start publicizing this one. I think it’s a blessing.” She went on to say that she couldn’t believe how far I’d come and how determined I’d been to get this far. “You’re all in. You might as well be all in and make that second book better than the first because when you’re my age, you want to be able to look back and say you gave it everything you had. This gives you the time to do that.”

In a world where I get a new twitter update every .05 seconds, 15 months can seem like a long time. But I think my mother is right. One day, this long time will seem like a short time, and it will have turned out to be exactly the time that I need.

Just some of the books I used to research MY book
Just some of the books I used to research MY book