51-the-thinkerToday marks the start of #MuseumWeek—a week to share your love of art on Twitter.

This year, more than 1,800 museums from 58 countries (and art lovers from all over the globe) will participate.

Each day, there’s a new theme and hashtag:
Monday: #secretsMW (museums reveal behind-the-scenes secrets)
Tuesday: #souvenirsMW (share your memories of museums and art)
Wednesday: #architectureMW (explore the architecture and gardens)
Thursday: #inspirationMW (be inspired)
Friday: #familyMW (The day for kids: family visits and school trips)
Saturday: #favMW (share your favorites!)
Sunday: #poseMW (it’s selfie day! Pose with your favorite pieces of art)

So join in—and show the world why you love art!

(Oh, and follow me on Twitter to see all of my #MuseumWeek posts @storeysg)


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