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I just opened an Instagram account and posted my first picture (find me on Instagram @oilandmarble)

It got me thinking: if there had been Instagram during the Renaissance (I went with circa 1512), how might it have looked?

exhausted paint brush and abstract painting


raphael1483 Check out @michelangelo sulking on the stairs. Does this guy ever smile? Come, on man. Lighten up. #lifeisgood


leodavinci another update…

venicetitian  Big-Emoji-Quiz-level-133-Applause
raphael1483 I’m stealing that!
michelangelo I thought that was finished 8 yrs ago. Stop fussing with it, will you? Do you ever complete anything?
leodavinci art is never finished, only abandoned


Durer.Deutch See that pear Baby Jesus is eating? I love a good pear #MadonnaandthePear

raphael1483 And I LOVE those curls. I’m stealing them! 😉


titianofvenice thinking of my mom, Lucia, today…. #thanksmom


Raphael1483 @titianofvenice: thanks to moms, yes – but also thanks to ALL women #sigh #iminlove

titianofvenice u r always in love. New lady?
rapahel1483 yep
titianofvenice heard you are getting engaged. That her?
raphael1483 no comment 😉


raphael1483 Who could ever call this guy “Warrior Pope”? Check out those kind eyes, that chill demeanor, and beard. He’s a great guy and amazing boss. #PeacePontiff #FatherFigure #blesseded

michelangelo if he’s so great, tell him to stop harassing me about the ceiling. It’ll be done when it’s done


leodavinci #selfie

raphael1483 did you see my one of you in the papal sala? I’ll repost!


raphael1483 @leonardo as plato #papalapartments

 michelangelo Stop bragging and get back to work


michelangelo Creation of Adam #sistineceiling

 leodavinci showoff


Durer.Deutch When there are so many of us, can God hear my prayers or am I lost amongst the masses?

 leodavinci if there is a god, i bet he’s a bird #thinkaboutit


hansbaldung Death is always right beside you

titianofvenice r u ok?
leodavinci  if you aren’t thinking about death @titianofvenice, you’re a fool
raphael1483 I like the sheer drapery. I’m stealing that!


michelangelo #prophetjonah #sistineceiling hands off @raphael1483

raphael1483 you’re the one putting it out there
titianofvenice yeah, I’m stealing that too, bro
Durer.Deutch count me in
leodavinci showoff


raphael1483 Me and @michelangelo hanging @Vatican—just kids in awe of the power of the Pope! #PopeJuliusII #papalpower #SistineMadonna (Can you guess which one is me???)

 michelangelo We’ve never hung out. #getoveryourself


Not much has changed. Even in our age of digital media and video, we humans are still drawn to telling our stories with a single, two-dimensional image. Now, just like then, we express our personalities, likes, dislikes, fears, hopes and drama about our families, friends and bosses through images. And then, just like now, they also posted about what they ate–that’s not new either!

I see art history like an Instagram feed of the past. What do you see?


(This is the first in a series, “Art Matters,” which will connect art history to our contemporary culture and hopefully show how we can all benefit from engaging with the past)

(Paint photo for “Renagram” from; All other photos linked back to museum where they reside!)